Reality7 will not be taking on new productions or providing professional VR or cinematic services as we prepare to wind down the company.

Professional 3D 360° camera - Reality7


Reality7 engineers, lends and advises in the field of cinematic virtual reality. We focus on stereoscopic 360° cameras and provide an easy way to handle capturing and data. Our technology is the first one-stop solution in Europe.

Renting VR equipment

Our camera automatically stitches a perfect 360° sphere out of 17 high-definition single images, made possible by especially developed hard- and software. On demand, it will be supervised on site by one of Reality7 experienced operators, to enable seamless interaction.

Why Reality7

360° VR is a young, growing and complex subject. To meet both professional and economic demands, we developed a product, that delivers 8K per eye and 60 frames per second – but at the same time it leads to more space for footage and less expense in post-production.

VR consulting

Before and during a high-definition VR production there are many questions that need to be clarified. We support agencies, film-productions and companies to become more aware of the potential and the fascination of VR technology and therefore play an advisory role from concept to realization.

Why Reality7

It is our mission to explore and develop the young, unrevealed field of stereoscopic 360° VR with experts worldwide. We are part of a network of specialized providers, ranging from post-production companies and the viewing platform to 3D-sound specialists. As a client, you benefit from this constantly growing knowledge at any level.