Stereoscopic 360° camera

Reality7 offers professional 360° VR equipment for rent – including the operator.

One-stop solution

Capturing, stitching, rendering – Reality7 delivers everything that usually makes VR costly and complicated from a single source. Hardware and software go perfectly hand in hand, meeting highest quality demands while saving you lots of time, effort and money.

360° operator

As with any art, the best results come from experience. That’s why we complete our technical equipment with an experienced on-site operator. He can support the creative process, point to technical potentials and can take on the complete camera work if desired.

Full stitching

The more single images you produce, the more precision you need to stitch them together. The tiniest inaccuracies cause heavy irritations – which will be the case when you use conventional techniques. To prevent this and to speed up the process, we developed our own high-performance stitching software.

Raw footage capture

We deliver all common video formats and, what is more, we are also able to capture and deliver uncompressed data. The biggest advantage of uncompressed data is giving you free hand when it comes to post-production and creative adjustments, because the material can be developed in any imaginable direction.

Two types of reality

Monoscopic and stereoscopic VR are as different as youtube and Dolby 3D. While the first technology just deforms images and then projects them on the inner side of a sphere, the stereoscopic approach delivers a far more intense experience with true spatial depth, because there are separately shot images for the left and right eye. The result is a perfect illusion, allowing you to immerse deeply into a fascinating visual experience.

8K per Eye

From today’s view, a resolution of 8192 x 4096 pixels per eye may seem slightly generous. But in the field of visual arts, innovation waves come fast: 4K is standard, 8K will be next. With Reality7, you are already prepared.

90 fps

The frame rate increases video quality at the same extend as the resolution of every single image. Fast movements will appear more natural the more frames you see per second. And it’s not only about seeing: your eyes will also feel it and will be more relaxed while watching.

120 mins. footage

Thanks to our specially engineered software, it becomes possible to capture up to 2 hours in one piece. That means relatively incredible 32 terrabytes data, which is far more than most other systems that are active on the market today.

360° stereoscopy

Reality7 is focused on stereoscopic video production. This technique is based on two pictures from parallel viewpoints (one for each eye) at the same time. It evokes an impressive spatial illusion, a much more intense and immersive visual experience.

The future comes fast

With 60 frames per second, our VR technology can make even fast objects comfortable to look at. This in mind, you can now think of completely new areas of application – and be sure to get cinematic film material of extremely high quality. And because this is our approach, we do not use our equipment for live broadcasting by today. Image stitching and rendering at our quality level still takes a little more time. We keep on going!